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A PROPHETIC IMAGE OF 2014..........



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SOMETHING ELSE BIG GOING OUT WITH A BANG .......TEPCO Quietly Admits Reactor 3 Could Be Melting Down NOW!

TEPCO Quietly Admits Reactor 3 Could Be Melting Down NOW

Turner Radio Network (TRN) has issued a report regarding Fukushima Diachi Nuclear Plant that is expected to affect the entire Northern Hemisphere.  BANG! BANG! BOOM!  WHERE IS THE U.S. MEDIA

According to the report: "Persons residing on the west coast of North America should IMMEDIATELY begin preparing for another possible onslaught of dangerous atmospheric radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster site in Japan."  BE SURE YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR FOOD IS COMING FROM!  WASH IT WELL.......

TEPCO has confirmed that via camera surveillance, that steam has begun to pour from Reactor 3, although they have "not identified abnormal plant conditions."  ????????????? AMAZING STUPIDITY!

TEPCO are reporting that "radioactive steam has suddenly begun emanating from previously exploded nuclear reactor building #3 at the Fukuishima disaster site in Japan."

The corporation is not clear on the details of the sudden change at Reactor 3 because of "lethal radiation levels in that building."  IT MIGHT BE GIRL SCOUTS HAVING A WEENIE ROAST! SO THEY JUST CAN'T SAY..... DO THEY REALLY THINK PEOPLE ARE THAT STUPID? OBVIOUSLY THEY DO.

Summations from experts conclude that this may "be the beginning of a 'spent fuel pool criticality (meltdown)' involving up to 89 TONS of nuclear fuel burning up into the atmosphere and heading to North America." !!!!!!!!!!! OUR ECONOMY WON'T BE FAR BEHIND!

Educated guesses suggest that the steam is "coming from what's left of the fifth floor of the mostly-destroyed building."

TEPCO has admitted that "they do not know why this steam is being generated, but matter-of-factly revealed yesterday (December 28) the steam was first spotted on December 19 for a short period of time, then again on December 24 and again on December 25."

The accord is that "pellets of radioactive fuel, ejected when the reactor exploded, went into the spent fuel pool located above the reactor and have begun melting down so seriously they are boiling off the water in the spent fuel pool."


TRN is warning of preparatory measures that should be taken by those living on the West Coast of America because after the "releasing 89 tons of deadly radioactive fuel directly into the air", it would be a matter or 2 to 3 days before the deadly material would fry North America "because of the levels of airborne radiation and 'hot particles' which will kill."

Some of the recommendations to mitigate damaging effect of radiation exposure include:

• Keep up-to-date on developments via the Internet
• Buy Duct tape, masking tape and self-adhesive weather stripping
• Cover windows and doors with plastic
• Cover electrical outlets and light switches with plastic
• Cover vents in bathrooms and stoves with plastic
• Purchase a NIOSH N100-certified filter mask for each member of the family
• Purchase disposable TYVEK suit for going outside
• Wash obsessively


This morning we were treated to the usual stupifying comments from Greek leadership that "Greece won't need more loans," and will "start becoming a normal country," because the Greek 'recovery' is "built on solid foundations." However, it appears the public-at-large is not so happy as the BBC reports shots were fired at the German ambassador's residence in Athens. Samaras said Greeks "have gone through hard times." With over 60 bullets fired, it seems the someone is upset that their union overlords won't lift those hard times anytime soon...

Happy New Year to All!............

Happy New Year to All!

'Tis two days yet to New Year

but despite what you're hopin'

The folks in the Board Room

say "the full Eve we'll stay open"

So we'll buy and we'll sell

as the tape crawls along

And though "Bubbly's" verboten

we may still sing a song

Two Thousand Thirteen

had some spots of high hopes

They may get fumbled away

by those Washington dopes

A brief government shutdown

pushed sides further apart

Let's all hope things improve

as the New Year we start

"If you like it you can keep it"

we heard the President quip

When that didn't work out

in the polls he did slip

We lost special people

as we seem to each year

It just makes us treasure

each one that's still here

Mandela and Thatcher

they reshaped their times

They'll now regale the angels

backed by heavenly chimes

And Peter O'Toole

with his steely blue eyes

Joined the great Joan Fontaine

in God's still bluer skies

Jean Stapleton's "Edith"

has joined Archie on high

And author Tom Clancy

chose October to die

Ed Koch now asks angels

his set quote, "How'm I doin"

Gone is Hugo Chavez

who brought his nation to ruin

Helen Thomas asks questions

of St. Peter these days

Also Frank Lautenberg

left his senator's ways

Jim Hall, jazz guitarist,

played his final great note

Richie Havens, quite different

is now in the same boat

Ray Harryhausen, who

created creatures unreal

Joined Jonathan Winters

every scene he would steal

Van Cliburn's piano

angels hear without faults

As Patti Page sings them

the old Tennessee Waltz

And Frost re-met Nixon

midst the clouds they'll debate

While Tony Soprano

while in Rome met his fate

Scott Carpenter and angels

now together will sup

Roger Ebert gave the harp

a quite hearty thumbs up

Esther Williams swam off

Eydie Gorme took a bow

And Annette Funicello

has joined them both now

And Doctor Joyce Brothers

bid her clients goodbye

While "Dear Abby" Van Buren

gives advice from on high

In Boston, two brothers

put some bombs in a crowd

Although hundreds were injured

that great town stayed unbowed

Wild fires aplenty

burned in state after state

Elsewhere came tornadoes

seems Mother Nature's irate

The Philippines saw a cyclone

winds of 200 miles

Caused immense devastation

to those once lovely isles

A Bangladesh building

did collapse in the spring

Though a thousand folks died

few reforms did it bring

In Syria, chemicals

wiped out a whole town

In a mall in Nairobi

scores of folks were mowed down

FOMO is a slogan

it's "fear of missing out"

Now we're all self-absorbed

that's what that's all about

Wall Street saw stocks soar

but Main Street stayed slow

As the Fed starts to taper

we'll see just how things go

Jeff Bezos announced

a new delivery drone

Edward Snowden revealed

that we'd tapped Merkel's phone

Prince George did arrive

of pictures there was no lack

and sweet tooths were quite pleased

to see Twinkies come back

Paula Deen fell from grace

for some things she once said

The Duck Dynasty guy

made some people turn red

Former Hannah Montana

shocked some fans with a twerk

In Toronto the mayor

some folks called a jerk

Let not this year's memories

of sadness or sleaze

Disturb you this day

just give your heart ease

Have faith that this New Year

will bring a new sign

And believe in yourself

it will all work out fine

Just lift up your spirits

and some fruit of the vine

And kiss ye a loved one

and sing Auld Lange Syne

And late Tuesday evening

as you watch the ball fall

Wish yourself all the best

Happy New Year to All!

NOT A GOOD WAY TO END THE OLD YEAR OR START A NEW ONE.............Terrorist campaign to spook Russia and its Sochi winter games visitors


Just barely hours after we covered the second deadly explosion in the southern Russian city of Volgograd in as many months, this time in its packed train station, the city was rocked by yet another suicide bombing in what is clearly a terrorist campaign to spook Russia and its Sochi winter games visitors just over a month ahead of the olympics.  

This time, a bomb ripped apart a trolleybus killing all 14 people aboard, and wounding another 28 in the second deadly attack blamed on suicide bombers.  According to Reuters, "Investigators said they believed a male suicide bomber set off the blast, a day after a similar attack killed at least 17 in the main rail station of a city that serves as a gateway to the southern wedge of Russian territory bounded by the Black and Caspian Seas and the Caucasus mountains." 

Even Putin, so far non-committal, is starting to take these daily escalations seriously: "President Vladimir Putin, who has staked his prestige on February's Sochi Games and dismissed threats from Chechen and other Islamist militants in the nearby North Caucasus, ordered tighter security nationwide after the morning rush-hour blast."

Renown Doctor says Obama has a mental disorder.........A MUST READ!

Renown Doctor says Obama has a mental disorder- NPD

Written by Dr. Michael A. Haberman, M.D.
"Dr. Sam Vaknin is an Israeli psychologist who says Obama has a mental disorder. Labels him a pathological narcissist.

An interesting view on our president, Dr. Vaknin states, "I must confess I was impressed by Obama the first time I saw him. I was excited to see a black candidate who looked youthful, spoke well, appeared to be confident, a wholesome presidential package, but I was put off soon, not just because of his shallowness but because there was an air of haughtiness in his demeanor that was unsettling.

His posture and his body language were louder than his empty words.

Obama's speeches are unlike any political speech we have heard in American history.
has a politician in this land had such quasi "religious" impact on so many people. 

The fact that Obama is a total incognito with Zero accomplishments, makes this inexplicable infatuation alarming.

Obama is not an ordinary man.  He is not a genius. In fact he is quite ignorant on most important subjects." Dr. Sam Vaknin, is the author of "Malignant Self Love," believes "Barack Obama is a narcissist." Vaknin, a world authority on narcissism, describes the inner mind of a narcissist makes him like no other person.  When Vaknin talks about narcissism everyone listens.

Vaknin says Obama's language, posture and demeanor, even the testimonies of his closest, dearest friends suggest that the man is either a narcissist or has narcissist personality disorder (NPD).  

Narcissists project a grandiose, however false image of themselves. 

Jim Jones, the charismatic leader of The People's Temple led 900 of his followers to cheerfully commit mass suicide and murder their own children was also a narcissist. David Koresh, Charles Manson, Joseph Koni,Shoko Asahara, Stalin, Saddam, Mao, Kim Jong Ill and Adolph Hitler are a few examples of narcissists.  Yet these men had a tremendous influence over their fanciers. They created a personality cult around themselves and with blazing speeches elevated their admirers my filling their hearts with enthusiasm while instilling them with a new zest for life that provided them with hope!  They promised the moon, but alas, invariably they brought doom to their followers.

When you are a victim of a cult of personality, you don't know it until it is too late. One
determining factor in the development of NPD is childhood abuse "Obama's early life was decidedly chaotic, replete with traumatic mentally bruising dislocations, "Mixed-race marriages were even less common then. His parents went through a divorce when he was an infant two years old. Obama saw his father only once again, before he died in a car accident.

Then his mother re-married and Obama had to relocate to Indonesia, a foreign land with a radically foreign culture,to be raised by a step-father. At the age of ten, he was whisked off to live with his maternal (white) grandparents. He saw his mother only intermittently in the following few years and then she vanished from his life in 1979. "She died of cancer in 1995."

One must never underestimate the manipulative genius of pathological narcissists. They project such an imposing personality that overwhelms those around them.  Charmed by the charisma of the narcissist, people become like clay in his hands. They cheerfully do his bidding and delight to be at his service.  

The narcissist shapes the world around himself and reduces others in his own inverted image.
He creates a cult of personality. His admirers become his co-dependents. Narcissists have no interest in things that do not help them reach their personal objective. They are focused on one thing alone and that is power. All other issues are meaningless to them.  They will not waste their precious time on trivialities.

Anything that does not help them is beneath them and does not deserve their attention.  If an issue raised in the Senate does not help Obama he has no interest in it. No one can criticize him if things go wrong. Certain issues are unworthy to him by their very nature because they are not about him.

Obama's election as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review led to a contract and advance to write a book about race relations. The University of Chicago Law School provided him a longer time than expected.  In the end, the book evolved into, guess what? His own autobiography! Instead of writing a scholarly paper on race relations, for which he had been paid, Obama could not resist writing about his most sublime self. He entitled the book Dreams from My Father. Not surprisingly, Adolph Hitler also wrote his own autobiography when he was still a nobody.  So did Stalin.

For a narcissist no subject is as important as his own self. Why would he waste his precious time and genius writing about insignificant things when he can write about such an august being as himself?

Narcissists are often callous and even ruthless.  As the norm, they lack conscience. This is evident from Obama's lack of interest in his own brother who lives on only one dollar per month.  A man who lives in luxury, who takes a private jet to vacation in Hawaii, and raises nearly half a billion dollars for his campaign (something unprecedented in history) has no interest in the plight of his own brother. Why?  Because, his brother is not useful in his own ascent to power.  A narcissist cares for no one but himself.

This election was like none other in the history of America. The issues were insignificant compared to what was at stake. 

What can be more dangerous than having a man bereft of conscience, a serial liar, who cannot distinguish his fantasies from reality as the leader of the free world?  

I hate to sound alarmist, but one is a fool if one is not alarmed.  

Many politicians are narcissists.  Yet, they may not pose a threat to others. They are simply self-serving and selfish.

Obama evidences symptoms of pathological narcissism, which is different from the run-of-the-mill narcissism of a Richard Nixon or a Bill Clinton for example. To him reality and fantasy are intertwined.

This is a mental health issue, not just a character flaw. Pathological narcissists are dangerous
because they look normal and intelligent. This disguise makes them more treacherous.

Today the Democrats place all their hopes on Obama, but this man could put an end to their party. The majority of blacks voted for Obama. Only a fool does not know that their support for him is racially driven.  This is racism, pure and simple.

The downside will be if Obama turns out to be the disaster(HE IS ALREADY A MONUMENTAL DISASTER, A COMPLETE CLUSTER F&%K  ...)
 he will cause widespread resentment among whites. Blacks are unlikely to give up their support of their Man.

Cultic mentality is pernicious and unrelenting. O'Bama's supporters will dig their heads deeper
in the sand and blame his detractors as racists.  This will cause a backlash among the whites and thinking people of color.

White supremacists will take advantage of the discontent and will receive widespread support.
I predict that in less than four years, racial tensions will increase to levels never seen since
the turbulent 1960's.  Obama will set the clock back decades. 

The peace of the world depends on the strength of America, and its weakness translates into the triumph of terrorism and victory of rogue nations.  It is no wonder that Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, the Castrists, the Hezbollah, the Hamas, the lawyers of the Guantanamo terrorists, and virtually all sworn enemies of America are thrilled by the prospect of their man in the White House.

America is on the verge of destruction.

There is no insanity greater than electing a pathological narcissist as president.

                                          Michael A Haberman, M.D.

Obama's Hawaii Vacation..........MORE, GRAPHIC TRUTH!

Obama's Hawaii Vacation



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The Christ of Christmas Is Coming Again...........

The Christ of Christmas Is Coming Again

"But we are bound to give thanks always to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth: Where unto He called you by our Gospel to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ." 

                                                                                                                                 2 Thessalonians 2:13-14

You need not be disturbed. "Rest with us." And you will not be disappointed.

Paul tells us in Second Thessalonians that when He comes, our Lord shall reign.

The first Christmas, there was no room for Him in the inn. When He comes for the final time, He's coming as King of kings and Lord and lords. Jesus came the first Christmas to die in the sinner's place. When He comes again, Jesus is coming to receive the sinner to Himself.

There are two more times he is coming Coming. 
He's coming sweetly like a bridegroom.

First, He's coming secretly for His bride. 

Then He's coming with His bride, Sovereignly like a King. 

The unfinished story of Christmas is this: Jesus is coming again.

In faith, look backward to a crucified Savior. 

In love, look upward to a crowned Savior. 

And in hope, look forward to a coming Savior.

The Unfinished Story of Christmas........VERY IMPORTANT!



The Unfinished Story of Christmas

"...when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels...
When He shall come to be glorified in His saints, and to be admired in all them that believe..." 

                                                                                                                                 2 Thessalonians 1: 7, 10

The Jesus who came the first time is coming again, and Christmas is not complete without the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The incarnation without the coronation would be like east without west. It would be like an engagement without a marriage. The story is not complete until Jesus comes again.

You may have thought that this was a good Christmas for you-- I want to tell you...the best is yet to come! The Heavenly Father has so much more in store for us when Jesus comes again.

You see, we get all wrapped up in the little baby, the baby that was born, and we then go beyond the birth of the baby, saying, "Yes, He came to die for our sins" (thank God He did that), but I want to remind you that the First Coming of Jesus and the Second Coming are linked together.

The Christmas Story in Luke 1 and 2 speaks not only of the Jesus who redeemed, but the Jesus who reigned. Not only Jesus who came the first time, but Jesus who is coming the second time to sit upon the throne of David, to rule over the house of Jacob forever and ever.

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like without the Resurrection, the Rapture, and the Second Coming of Jesus. 

The most glorious fact of the past is that Jesus came the first time. 

The most glorious fact of the future is that this Jesus is coming again. 

The one sure hope of this jittery old world is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The Prince of Peace.............



The Prince of Peace

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men."

                                                                                                               Luke 2:14

One of the wonderful names of our wonderful Lord is "The Prince of Peace."

Jesus holds the key to peace, whether it's personal peace in your heart, domestic peace in your home, or eternal peace in heaven.

Isaiah prophesied that He would be called The Prince of Peace. The angels told the shepherds that His coming was "good tidings of great joy," for His incarnation meant "peace, goodwill toward men."

Certainly there is a need for peace. But look around. What has happened to the promised peace? It was purposefully postponed when God sent the Prince of Peace, but the world rejected and then crucified the Prince of Peace. There will be no peace on earth until the world that rejected our Savior receives Him again in power and glory. The only true hope for peace for the church, the nation and the individual is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

This Christmas season
, do you have peace with God or is the internal war still going on? 

The only way you can have the peace that Jesus made is to surrender to Jesus in absolute, total, unconditional surrender. He has fought the battle and the battle is won. But it will do you no good until you bow to Him. Have you laid down your sword of rebellion at His feet? He has made peace with the blood of His cross, but that peace does you no good until you bow to Him in total surrender.

Once you have peace with God, only then can you have the peace of God.

God Made the First Move........NOW IT'S UP TO YOU!

God Made the First Move

  "And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. And I will be found of you, saith the Lord." 

                                       Jeremiah 29:13-14

Three things brought the wise men to Jesus: The ministry of the Spirit, the message of the Scripture, and the miracle of the star.

Who put the desire to find the Christ child and to worship Him in their hearts? The Holy Spirit. Do you know why we seek Him? Because He first sought us, Isn't that true? "We love Him because He first loved us" 1 John 4:19. Do you know why I love the Lord Jesus? Because God in grace and mercy put a desire in my heart to seek after Him. The Bible says that by our nature, our flesh, none of us would seek after God--no, not one--and that would have included these wise men.

They didn't come to Him because they were so intellectual. Don't get the idea that because they were smarter than other men they came. No. They were wise, and that wisdom made them yielded to God; thus God the Holy Spirit could work in their hearts and draw them to Jesus.

Do you have a desire to know Him? To love Him? To serve Him? Do you find something drawing you to God? Remember His promise: You will find Him when you seek Him with all your heart.

The Symbol of Gold ~ His Sovereign Dominion..........

The Symbol of Gold ~ His Sovereign Dominion

"The king shall joy in thy strength, O Lord; and in thy salvation how greatly shall he rejoice! Thou hast given him his heart's desire...with the blessings of goodness: thou settest a crown of pure gold on his head." 

Psalm 21:1-3

Gold was a gift that was fit for a king. The Wise Men asked, "Where is He that is born King of the Jews?" Our verse today speaks of kings. They wear a crown, and it is a crown of gold.

When the Wise Men brought gold, they were saying, "We recognize this child is the king of the Jews. He's destined to reign. He has sovereign dominion."

"Well, how am I going to crown Him?" you may ask. You can crown Him the way they did--with gold. If all of your wealth is not under His control, you've not recognized Him as your sovereign king. He has a right to all you own. You say, "It's mine." If He is not Lord of everything you have, He's not your Savior. His throne is not a duplex.

How will you serve Him? One way is to serve Him with your wealth. As the saying goes, "He has no hands but our hands." Serve Him is by showing His love to those in need. 

He requires your absolute surrender to His lordship. He is the king.

Three Symbolic Gifts...........

Three Symbolic Gifts

"...they presented unto Him gifts; gold, and frankincense and myrrh." 

                                                                                                   Matthew 2:11

Many people think these three gifts were just something incidental. No, they're fundamental. They carry deep significance. These were not trinkets; these were treasures that didn't occur by happenstance. This was something God had planned.

Why these specific gifts? They are highly symbolic. 

Gold speaks of His sovereign dominion--He was born a King. 

Frankincense speaks of His sinless deity--He is God in human flesh. 

Myrrh speaks of His sacrificial death--He was born to die that we might live

He is a king and they brought Him gold. 

He is God and they brought Him frankincense. 

He is THE Savior and they brought Him myrrh. Sovereign dominion, sinless deity, sacrificial death.

Because He is 
THE King, He has my wealth. 

Because He is God, He has my worship. 

And because He died and rose, conquering death, He has my witness. 

All that I am, all that I have, all that I do, belongs to this One. That is wisdom. That's what a wise man will do. Do some soul-searching today. Are you really wise?

Do You Need a Friend This Holiday Season?.........

Do You Need a Friend This Holiday Season?

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." 

                                                                                                 Psalm 46:1

"...He hath said I will never leave thee nor forsake thee." 

                                                                                     Hebrews 13:5

Some people over this holiday season feel so alone. 

One Christmas Eve I went to talk to a person who was hurting. I said, "Why don't you call a friend?" She said, "I don't have a friend." I said, "Oh yes, you do." And I told her His name. It is the One who said, "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee."

Greek scholars tell us this sentence, "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee," actually has five negatives in it. Now we say a double-negative is bad English, but evidently it wasn't bad Greek. 

Here's what it literally says: "I will never, no not ever, no, never leave nor forsake you."

Famed research analyst Dr. Abraham Maslow said, "The truth is that the average American does not have a real friend in the world." And psychiatrist Alfred Adler said, "All human failures spring from a lack of love." People need someone to love, and they need to be loved. Without it, their lives are filled with fear and frustration. 

Hebrews 13:5 tells us we can face a new year with the certainty of His provision and with His companionship in our hearts and in our lives.

Who do you know that might need a call from a friend today? A new widow? An empty-nester? A stay-at-home mom? Make that call today.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rusting hulk of World War One German U-boat emerges after almost a century......

Rusting hulk of World War One German U-boat emerges after almost a century

It is the only German submarine visible in UK waters today and is a visible reminder of the Great War.

The submarine is thought to be a UB-I22 submarine and would have carried 10 torpedoes.

After the war the German UB-122 was initially stripped of its internal metal engines to be used for scrap metal. 

The wreckage can still be seen beached in a remote area of mudflats on the banks of the River Medway in Hoo, Kent.

Its hull astonishingly intact, a First World War German U-boat lies embedded in remote mudflats up an English creek.While more than 40 of the deadly submarines met their fate in UK waters during the conflict, this is the only one that can be seen. The wreckage of the others lies hidden deep beneath the sea.

The existence of this one has long been known, but its eerie presence has gained fresh interest after tidal changes and the recent storms made it more visible.

A World War One U-boat, believed UB-122, on mudflats near Humblebee Creek near the Isle of Grain

A World War One U-boat, believed UB-122, on mudflats near Humblebee Creek near the Isle of Grain

The U-boats of the Imperial German Navy very nearly won World War One for Germany

The U-boats of the Imperial German Navy very nearly won World War One for Germany

All that is left of the once deadly weapon is a crumbling rusted wreck of the submarine

All that is left of the once deadly weapon is a crumbling rusted wreck of the submarine

The wreckage can still be seen beached in a remote area of mudflats on the banks of the River Medway in Hoo

The wreckage can still be seen beached in a remote area of mudflats on the banks of the River Medway in Hoo

U-boat graphic

New research by naval historians for English Heritage has shed fresh light on how the undersea war machine came to be marooned on the banks of the Medway in Hoo, Kent, and the mystery of why it has lain there untouched for more than nine decades. Their investigations also led them to conclude that, after many years of uncertainty about its identity, it is almost certainly a submarine called UB-122.

Yesterday marine archaeologist Mark Dunkley, the maritime designation adviser for English Heritage, said: 'It has been there since 1921. It was one of more than 100 U-boats which surrendered at the end of the war and were taken to Harwich.

'Some were sent to the French navy but most were cut up and used as scrap metal.

'Records show that the diesel engines were cut out of UB-122 and reused in a cement works at Halling in Kent – the U-boat's power plants thus serviced Britain's post-war industrial development.

'What we still don't know is exactly why or how UB-122 ended where it is. It's likely it was being taken up the Medway estuary to be broken up for scrap. Perhaps in a storm it parted from its tow, the cable snapped, and the prevailing winds blew it to Hoo.

'As to why it was left there, we can only speculate. It could have been too much of an effort to get to it, or perhaps it was a problem of navigation in how to get to it.

'Its interest is that it is the only known complete U-boat that can be seen in British tidal waters.'

UB-122 was a 'coastal' U-boat equipped with ten torpedoes and designed to attack Allied shipping. The other main use of U-boats was for laying mines.

There are no current plans to conserve it, but English Heritage is 'looking to identify its historic place in more detail' after the end of next year's commemorations associated with the centenary of the start of the 1914 to 1918 war.

Mr Dunkley said: 'It still serves as a poignant reminder of those who gave their lives at sea during the First World War.'
The submarine is thought to be a UB-I22 submarine and would have carried 10 torpedoes and were usually armed with a deck gun

The submarine is thought to be a UB-I22 submarine and would have carried 10 torpedoes and were usually armed with a deck gun

They carried a crew of 34 and had a cruising range of 7,200-9,000 miles. Between 1916 and 1918, 96 were built

They carried a crew of 34 and had a cruising range of 7,200-9,000 miles. Between 1916 and 1918, 96 were built

The U-boats of the Imperial German Navy very nearly won the Great War for Germany after the country heavily invested in the vessels

The U-boats of the Imperial German Navy very nearly won the Great War for Germany after the country heavily invested in the vessels


The U-boat skippers would target British vessels

The U-boat skippers would target British vessels

On 5th September 1914, the U-boat SM U 21, which was considered unpromising initially, sank the British light cruiser HMS Pathfinder.

In February 1915 the sea around the British isles were declared a war zone by Germany and the battle of the U-boats began. 

A neutral flag offered no protection against the ruthless U-boat captains, who were ordered to be absolutely sure a ship was neutral before sparing it.

Submarines did not have a hopeful start in their history. The first submarine built in Germany was called the Brandtaucher, which sank during its first test dive.

But bigger and more successful submarines were developed, and equipped with deadly weapons which made them a crucial addition to Germany's arsenal of weapons.

At the start of World War I, Germany had twenty-nine U-boats; in the first ten weeks, five British cruisers had been lost to them.

On 5 September 1914, HMS Pathfinder was sunk by SM U-21, the first ship to have been sunk by a submarine using a self-propelled torpedo.

U-boats caused so much destruction that at one point during World War Two the British government thought that Britain would have to contemplate surrendering.

Following the end of World War One, Germany was technically not allowed to have submarines or submarine crews - but continued to invest money, time and man power into building more as they prepared for World War Two.


The Parking Lot At The American University Of Dubai Is Full Of Amazing Cars..........


The Parking Lot At The American University Of Dubai Is Full Of Amazing Cars

Cayennes and Range Rovers are a dime a dozen here.

Keep in mind, almost all of the students are between 18 and 24 years old, as the graduate program is pretty tiny here. The students that drive the insanely expensive cars.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo. 

american university of dubai parking lot porsche

No regular spots were left for someone's Maserati.

american university of dubai parking lot

The Bentley Continental GT looks good in red.

american university of dubai parking lot bentley

Yes, that's a Porsche Cayenne in the background of this photo of a Porsche Cayenne.

american university of dubai parking lot porsche cayenne

Another Continental GT, this time in black.

american university of dubai parking lot

One Mercedes owner went for the chrome red look.

american university of dubai parking lot

There's some American muscle at the university, too.

american university of dubai parking lot

And British luxury.

american university of dubai parking lot

Rolls-Royce is represented as well.

american university of dubai parking lot

There's at least one Nissan fan taking classes.

american university of dubai parking lot

An Audi R8 owner shows up for school.

american university of dubai parking lot

It takes a lot to make a Mercedes-Benz G Class look cheap. THEY ARE CHEAP, STATUS JUNK!

american university of dubai parking lot

But a Porsche and a Ferrari, side by side, do the trick.

american university of dubai parking lot

Here's a better look at the Prancing Horse.

american university of dubai parking lot

Not a huge fan of the green stripe on the Lamborghini Gallardo.

american university of dubai parking lot

We prefer the orange Lambo hiding behind this BMW.

american university of dubai parking lot

Here's another Audi R8.

american university of dubai parking lot

The flag of the United Arab Emirates decorates this Mercedes hood.

american university of dubai parking lot

The Ridiculous Supercars Of The Dubai Police Force......... THE GENIUS OF MIDDLE EASTERN THINKING...PURE GREED!

The Ridiculous Supercars Of The Dubai Police Force

Dubai's reputation for extravagance now applies to its police as well.

The force has been building up its vehicle fleet recently, and it's not worrying about cost, adding a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin, and more — some of them worth more than a million dollars.

There's little practical use for a two-seat police car — where do you keep suspects under arrest? — but the force has said the outrageous vehicles serve to "enhance its patrolling abilities."

No, that doesn't mean they're for high-speed car chases. "We have never exceeded the speed limit on the highway," Lt. Mariam Al Kaabi told Abu Dhabi's The National.

Rather, Dubai's police chief reportedly said on Twitter, the ultra-expensive rides were selected for "acting classy with people."

One of the newest acquisitions is a Chevy Camaro SS. Its 6.2-liter V8 engine produces 426 horsepower, not enough to match most of the cars on this list.

One of the newest acquisitions is a Chevy Camaro SS. Its 6.2-liter V8 engine produces 426 horsepower, not enough to match most of the cars on this list.

General Motors

This Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG runs for about $200,000, has room for two, and can go from 0 to 60 mph in under four seconds.

This Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG runs for about $200,000, has room for two, and can go from 0 to 60 mph in under four seconds.

REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

Red leather makes for a nicer interior that what most cops get to enjoy.

Red leather makes for a nicer interior that what most cops get to enjoy.

REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

In April, the police picked up this Lamborghini Aventador, 400K. It is meant to show "how classy Dubai is," a deputy police director said.

In April, the police picked up this Lamborghini Aventador. It is meant to show "how classy Dubai is," a deputy police director said.

REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

[Source: Al Jazeera]

The $550,000 Ferrari FF has two doors, seating for four, and a V12 engine that can send the car up to 208 mph. It will be used only by female officers.

[Source: Fox News]

Part of the goal of the supercars is to impress tourists — looks like it's working.

[Source: BBC]

It's saying something that only unlucky cops will end up behind the wheel of this BMW.

Cops with better luck will get to drive this Bentley Continental GT. The 2013 model costs between $175,000 and $215,000.

By far the most impressive member of the fleet is the Aston Martin One-77. Not only the best car the luxury brand has ever made, it is one of only 77 produced. Estimated price tag: $1.79 million.

By far the most impressive member of the fleet is the Aston Martin One-77. Not only the best car the luxury brand has ever made, it is one of only 77 produced. Estimated price tag: $1.79 million.

REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

[Source: Motor Authority]

Not everything Dubai cops drive is a supercar. This Chevy Lumina is nothing to write home about.

Not everything Dubai cops drive is a supercar. This Chevy Lumina is nothing to write home about.

Ferrari 458 Speciale.......If you love cars don't miss this video clip

If you love cars crank up the volume, and listen to that music: 0-62 in three seconds, 4.5-litre naturally-aspirated V8 making 605bhp. Redline at 9,000 RPM:


Friday, December 27, 2013

The 10-Year Treasury Yield Hits A 2-1/2 Year High....OVER 3% TODAY!

The 10-Year Treasury Yield Hits A 2-1/2 Year High

The yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note broke though 3%,At one point, it got as high as 3.02%

Earlier this month, the Fed finally announced it was initiating the tapering right away.

And today, we are seeing the U.S. government's long-term cost of borrowing rise to the highest level in years.

cotd treasury rates

The Business of the Christmas Season.........

The Business of the Christmas Season

Commercialism, long criticized, as a distortion of the true celebration of Christmas, is the crucial profit component for the corporate economy. Very little observation about the religious nature of the holiday rises for reflection among the majority of Americans. Sadly, Christmas is about shopping and partying for the vast majority of lost souls.

Likewise, even less focus is devoted to the underlying reasons why holiday gifting has become a staple to the season. Heritage and tradition has given way to popular cultural advertisement. A disconnect between purchases of necessity and acquisitions of disposable novelties is the hallmark of the mad rush to buy needless objects.

Even decorating the exterior of our homes has become an arms race played out with lights to impress other people. 

As long as the psychology of the herd and the guilt of the good parent deem it is an obligation to fork out money that is usually not available, the credit and debt purchases cycle continues. The National Retail Federation is forecasting holiday sales will increase 3.9 percent to $602.1 billion. Yet a consulting firm, commissioned by NRF, projects a reduction in individual spending.

"According to NRF's holiday consumer spending survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, the average holiday shopper will spend $737.95 on gifts, d├ęcor, greeting cards and more, two percent less than the $752.24 they actually spent last year."

The Mad Men on Madison Avenue work for corporate clients. They offer little truth and a great deal of smoke and mirror, snake oil salesmanship to induce you to think you will be missing out if you don't buy, buy, buy...  

Yet, the seemingly attractive cost sensitive pricing and online convenience has increased. Matt Couden writes in the Examiner article, on the rush to buy online.

"A Dec. 3 report from Biz Journals out of San Francisco, notes that Monday's online shopping was a single-day record, with sales up 19% from last year.

The reports come about online shopping's success as bad news has hit the retailers with "brick-and-mortar" stores, who saw their first decline in shopping over Black Friday weekend since 2009."

According to the internet retailer, 65% of U.S. shoppers will browse online and buy in store over the holidays as the "line between store and web will further blur this year as 36% of shoppers plan to buy online and pick up in store, and 21% expect to see up-to-date information on product availability on e-commerce sites."

No discussion of seasonal sales can avoid the largest and dominate bell weather of retail. Forbes is reporting that the 2013 -- A Not So Merry Christmas For The Consumer And Retailers?

"Even Wal-Mart reported weak sales last month and shared its view that a challenging environment would persist into the new year. Wal-Mart also announced it was cutting orders to reduce its inventory for the rest of the year. In the company's commentary there were two key items that don't bode well for the holiday shopping season. First, consumers are not spending at the rate predicted by Wal-Mart executives. Second, Wal-Mart isn't hiring enough workers to keep its shelves stocked. Remember, Wal-Mart is the country's largest retailer and if it is seeing this problem odds are it is not alone."

All these statistics and trends may seem interesting to a Wall Street analysis or a participant in the chain of product placement. Still, most consumers are not directly employed in the retail industry. Statistics and Facts on the Christmas Season in the U.S., as published by The Statistics Portal indicates.

"Christmas is typically the largest economic stimulus for many nations around the world as sales increase dramatically in almost all retail areas. The United States' retail industry generated about three trillion U.S. dollars during the holidays in 2012. These holiday sales reflected about 19.3 percent of the retail industries total sales that year. As a result, just over 720 thousand employees were hired throughout the United States to compensate for the holiday rush."

Since the dramatic bulk of sales and certainly the major component of profit, determined by the outcome of Christmas mania, economists are eager to evaluate the results. Fine for the big name outlets, but what about the independent strip store or the local entrepreneur. They risk their entire livelihood, in the hope of steady and consistent sales all year round as their goal. For these folks, the traffic that storms the mega stores is another lost opportunity to keep their enterprise in business.

The only way to reverse this terrible trend is to support your local businesses.

"Nationally, market share for local retailers vs. national chains declined from 59% in 1990 to 48% in 2009, according to another Civic Economics study. For bars and restaurants, local market share dipped to 64% from 71%."

Look at retail business from a different perspective. Small business cooperatives are one way for independent retailers to improve their buying power and advertisement placements. While Christmas sales reward specialty boutiques and trendy holiday items, the health and vitality of any business rests upon repeat customers.

Abandon foolish credit purchases, which never make sense. Consider the productive value of infusion monies, normally spent on discarded holiday hype; be directed at buying useful products from within your local community.

You do not have to turn into Scrooge to celebrate Christmas intelligently. An all Amazon delivery that bypasses Santa might save you a few dollars, but a scaled down gifting bazaar bears wholesome fruits, when selectively purchased.

All those acclaimed 720 thousand seasonally part time employees would be much better off with a permanent job. Excessive and binge buying, based upon a cultural holiday pressure to spend, is basically dumb.

Woefully, the business of Christmas is destructive to a sound and stable economy. Consumers squander their hard-earned money cheerfully, because they seek immediate gratification at the cost of lasting happiness. Have a Merry Christmas by accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior.