Sunday, June 14, 2015

God’s Clock of Sevens and the Rapture........

God's Clock of Sevens and the Rapture

When God created the earth He defined the weekly clock. He worked six days and rested the seventh. God named the seventh day the Sabbath. Every week since creation has followed the same pattern of six days for work followed by one day for rest.

God applied the same pattern to a week of seven years. He told the children of Israel to plant and to harvest their land for six years and then let the land rest the seventh year. He called the seventh year a sabbath. It is also called a sabbatical.

A third time scale for the weekly pattern is 7,000 years. For almost 6,000 years the earth has been corrupted by sin. In 2016 the first 
6,000 years will be completed. Then the earth will have a sabbath rest, where Christ will reign as King of Kings for the last 1000 years.

The first 
6000 years is almost over, the rapture is at hand!

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