Sunday, June 7, 2015

Help Me, Lord, I'm Lost......

Help Me, Lord, I'm Lost

Help me Lord, to slow my brain,
before I crack and go insane.

Show me where my life must turn.
Give me wisdom, help me learn.

All my roads just twist and bend,
leading to a big dead end.

Help me find those streets I've crossed.
Those that lead to you—I'm lost.

I am at a dead end street.
Down a hill and up a creek.

Broken down and out of gas.
Seeking you once more alas.

I know the road that gets to there.
You've sent a cab, you've paid the fare.

Why can't I just hop aboard.
Follow you to my reward.

Why am I so darn distracted.
I'm ashamed of how I've acted.

You are always there for me.
So obvious yet I can't see.

Forgive me for my faulty driving.
To your kingdom, not arriving.

I can see you, all so clear.
But only in my rear view mirror.

Help me turn around I pray.
Find a route and on it stay.

Cherish ev'ry site and sound.
Along the way while glory bound.

Fill my tank with pure persistence.
Help me Lord, to go the distance.

Keep my eye upon the road.
Helping those with heavy load.

Guide me through the hazards waiting.
On my savior, concentrating.

All for you while I'm alive.
Anxious for, when I arrive.

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