Monday, June 1, 2015

Something's brewing in Central Asia and the West 'needs to take this seriously'......A VERY DANGEROUS WORLD!

Something's brewing in Central Asia and the West 'needs to take this seriously'

The Russia-China relationship could lead to some interesting changes on the global stage.

And the biggest changes are occurring far away from Washington's orbit.

Over the last year, we saw the two countries sign highly publicized energy deals, conduct joint military exercises, and generally support each others' foreign policy adventures.

And this shift has more implications than just short-term deals.

Russia pulling toward China will lead to "expanded" political cooperation in three areas: 

"cooperation in Central Asia; alternatives to the Bretton Woods institutions; and increased cooperation on domestic political issues," although the two countries will "likely stop short of a formal military alliance," according to Alexander Gabuev, a senior associate and chair of the Russia in Asia-Pacific Program at Carnegie Moscow Center.

Furthermore, the decreasing global influence of the US — specifically in Central Asia and the Middle East — leaves room for a new regional economic and political powerhouse in those regions.

So what does all of this increased Sino-Russo cooperation and integration mean for the world?

Basically, Russia's increased economic and political cooperation with China and other non-Western countries will push for a world order that aims to reduce US global dominance.

The new reality isn't quite a new eastern bloc, but rather a clear signal that the epoch of post-communist Russia's integration with the West is over.

The Sino-Russian entente — with its unstated, but transparent goal of reducing US global dominance — is easily the most important result of the Ukraine crisis and the preceding deterioration of Russia-Western relations, the West needs to take this seriously.

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