Monday, July 20, 2015

Concentrated Wealth + Widespread Stupidity = End Of Democracy.......THE TRUTH!

Concentrated Wealth + Widespread Stupidity = End Of Democracy

This is how democracy has died in America. 

The formula is simple: billionaires + their stooges = aristocracy. The result is, in any case, an aristocratic dictatorship, no sort of authentic democracy whatsoever. And, when even the Democratic candidate has gotten there by a string of lies and no substantive record on which voters can know that his assertions don't match his real beliefs or commitments, the voters are trapped by the aristocracy: they've got nothing else to go on but the aristocracy's lies, and the aristocratically owned 'news' media's stenographic transmissions of their politicians' lies to the public. 

The American Revolution (1765-83) overthrew Britain's aristocracy here. But now, the American people need to overthrow America's own aristocracy, or else simply accept fascism (rule by an aristocracy). If America, under that condition, will be peaceful, then it can only be the peace of the graveyard — democracy's graveyard.

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