Thursday, July 9, 2015



The media is attempting to convince the ignorant masses that their pay is actually going up, when they know it is not. Today's jobs report is an unequivocal disaster and again confirms recession. The BLS has some major cojones reporting that the unemployment rate plunged to a new 7 year low of 5.3%. Absolutely hysterical. Those guys really have a sense of humor. The blaring headline says we added 223,000 jobs. Of course, the reported numbers for the prior two months were drastically cut by 60,000 jobs. The talking heads never mention that. This number will be slashed in future months and not mentioned. And of course, the good old birth death adjustment added 109,000 more phantom jobs that weren't really created. This 223,000 number is a farce. !!!!

Reality bites, as the other report showed that employed Americans DROPPED by 56,000 in June. That is more like it. A critical thinking person might ask, how could the unemployment rate DROP from 5.5% to 5.3% if there are 56,000 less employed Americans and the number of working age Americans went up by 208,000.

EASY PEASY – The government drones at the BLS actually want the ignorant unemployed masses to believe that 640,000 Americans decided to voluntarily leave the work force in one month because life is so good. They don't need no stinking jobs. Who needs money to buy food, gas, and pay the rent? 

Orwell's 1984 does not hold a candle to the misinformation, lies, and propaganda issued by the rulers today.

The labor force participation rate hit a 38 year low of 62.6%. Jimmy Carter was President. Do you remember how good those times were? Well the BLS, MSM and Wall Street think today's jobs data is wonderful. It is as clear as a bright sunny day that this economy went into the dumper the second QE3 ended in October 2014. 

Since October 2014, 1.4 million Americans got jobs, while 1.2 million left the workforce. The number of working age Americans went up by 2.0 million over this same time frame, but the government and their MSM mouthpieces of propaganda want you to believe the unemployment rate fell from 5.8% to 5.3%. It's laughable, but it's not a joke. The depth of their deception knows no bounds. The worse things get, the more they will lie and attempt to obscure the truth.

The number of part-time jobs rose by 161,000 and the number of full-time jobs plunged by 349,000. Does this happen when an economic recovery is underway?

If you were wondering why I refer to the Obama jobs recovery as nothing but low paying service level shit jobs, here is your proof. Manufacturing jobs paid a wage that could support a family. We've lost 1.4 million of them since 2007. They have been replaced by fry cooks, waiters, bartenders and dishwashers. These jobs have no healthcare, low wages, and can barely support one person.

Hourly earnings were flat in June. Wage gains have been around the 2% range during the entire Obama recovery. Real wage gains using the fake BLS CPI have been ZERO. With inflation in things we really need food, energy, rent exceeding 5%, real wages have been falling. Median household income is below 1989 levels. That's reality.

The MSM will continue to paint a rosy picture. They depend on advertising revenue from Wall Street and corporate America. Telling the truth would depress the ignorant masses and they might stop buying shit they don't need with money they don't have. 

The government will continue to lie, obfuscate, and mislead because that is all they know how to do at this point. The debt is too high. Interest rates can't go any lower. Their theories have failed. They are running on empty and they know it. That is why they are militarizing the police forces and keeping us under constant surveillance. When will the shit hit the fan? Maybe when the 148 million working Americans get tired of carrying the 102 million non-working Americans. We are Greece, just a few years behind.

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