Sunday, August 2, 2015

Are You Following Christ Or Chasing After This World?..........

Are You Following Christ Or Chasing After This World?

The depravity of and in our world at present is evident in the resounding and continuous messages of the mainstream news media. You see it sprawled across the pages of our newspapers in big bold print. The world is looking for solutions but are they looking for the solutions offered by God or simply trying to use the systems of mankind to solve problems that mankind created?

The world is looking for comfortable, feel good solutions as we pretend things are really better than they are. A feel good approach only masks our real problems. The world is desperately looking for answers in all the wrong places. And very sadly so are far too many Christians and churches.

We were never created to fix the problems of this world without God. We were never designed to fix our personal problems without God.

Striving for unity and conformity on the exterior will never be the same or bring about the needed internal transformation necessary. Not even close. It is like trying to paste wings on a caterpillar to make it a butterfly. Pasting wings on a worm will never give you a butterfly. Instead, it creates spiritual casualties of the saddest sort.

Have you noticed how many of today's churches are conforming to this world simply for growth? Do they serve God or the god of this world, money?

Sadly, too many Christians come to Christ for forgiveness, and then set out on a path to live a holy life without allowing Christ to renew their minds. The carnal mind is one that imagines the best life possible, based on worldly comforts and benefits, and then imagines that it is God's job to give us those good things. Then we set out to some how be good enough to deserve them.

We need our hearts transformed by taking Jesus' attitude that we are here "on assignment" with a higher purpose chosen for us by the Father. "I have come," Jesus said, ". . . to do the will of him who sent me" (John 6:38). And for us, that means turning over the use of our lives to Him, not just once, but every day in all things.

A man's faith can be seriously shipwrecked because he is looking for security in the things of this world. If you go to God with problem after problem, need after need. And it seems like the more you prayed, the more you experienced loss and grief. It will get you to thinking, What's the point if I don't get what I ask for?

Our perspective on unanswered prayers like this is challenged by a passage in Hebrews: "For here we do not have an enduring city, but we are looking for the city that is to come" (13:14). Once you are ready you will respond to this passage something like this: You will see, perhaps for the first time that you based so much of your sense of security and blessing in keeping things the way you want them in life. You were clinging to friends, to jobs, and to lots of stuff to give you a worldly steadiness. You will realize that your prayers were all about begging God to keep your status quo and your world intact.

This realization begins to change your perspective. You will realize and ask, what if God let me have a string of losses bang, bang, bang—to wake me up and to help give me security in Him instead of in earthly things? 

You will feel an eternal perspective open up in yourself that you may never had before.

Like a Divine searchlight shining into dark corners, failure and crisis forces us to see ourselves as Jesus sees us—weak and totally helpless apart from Him.

We can discover as the psalmist David discovered--- our weakness can drive us to God.

We must recognize that what the soul ultimately longs for is Jesus Himself, an intimacy with His presence. If we keep chasing after the wind by pursuing the vain things of this world, if we allow ourselves to be distracted by worthless things, or if we lose our first love by drowning in Christian activities and forgetting Christ, we will lose out on so much.

This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. (1 John 1:5)

Here lies the believer's assurance that the light of God will permeate even this dark world. Even more, God is that very light! 

The believer ought hold this truth tightly: despite the most tumultuous circumstance, not all is dark, lost, or evil!

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