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Our Hebraic Roots-The Key to Understanding End-Time Prophecy...

Our Hebraic Roots-The Key to Understanding End-Time Prophecy

How to Interpret Your Bible

To accept the literal meaning of words and statements in their normal, usual, customary, proper designation.

The Bible must be interpreted in the light of times in which it was written.

A knowledge of the culture and history of the people is necessary for proper understanding,
taking into account the time of writing, the reason it was written, and the circumstances of the writer.

Scripture interprets Scripture.

This rule provides guidance to keep interpreters from doctrinal error.

Avoid reading out of context.

Also, there is progressive revelation.

God did not reveal everything to man in the beginning. Even though it is all in the Bible, it is the Holy Spirit who reveals truth at His discretion, and He has saved the best for the Last Generation!

Take the Bible literally,

(unless it is obvious that it means something else - ex.: the arm of the Lord is not saying God has a physical body like ours but rather to call attention to God's power in terms we can comprehend), we then look for the future picture it represents.

The Holy Spirit is the Church's Teacher

(John 15:26; 16:13-14; 14:26)

As the Author of Scripture, He can illumine the student's understanding as he searches God's Word (read gain 1 Corinthians 2:10-16). Relying on the Holy Spirit, however, is not to be regarded as a substitute for the sometimes arduous work of delving into the true meaning of God's Word. As J.I. Packer says, "The Spirit is not given to make Bible study needless, but to make it effective."

(2 Tim 2:15) "We must study (with diligence) to show ourselves approved unto God. A worker who does not need to be ashamed."

Hebraic Roots

So, what do we mean by "our Hebraic roots"? In order to understand Bible prophecy we need to understand the cultural context in which it was first presented. We can look breifly at the idea of similitudes and types and also the 'Festivals of the Lord'. There are other areas we need to look into in order to more fully understand God's prophecies.

Number one, we need to realize that the Bible is God's inspired word to mankind. There are many proofs for this. God does not want us ignorant of His plan.

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