Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Serious Problems And Few Real Solutions.......MORE PESKY FACTS!

Serious Problems And Few Real Solutions

We are all basically looking at a world that can't grow as fast as it needs; is governed improperly; is full of leaders deluding themselves about the effectiveness of accepted political and economic wisdom; is running out of food; is running out of oil; is running out of resources; and, is controlled by flawed, limited animals: homo sapiens.

Pressure on GDP growth in the US and the balance of the developed world: count on 1.5% US growth, not the old 3%. 

The age of plentiful, cheap resources is gone forever.


Climate problems. 

Global food shortages. 

Income inequality. 

Trying to understand deficiencies in democracy and capitalism. 

Deficiencies in the Fed. 

Investment bubbles in a world that is, this time, interestingly different.

Limitations of homo sapiens

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