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The Seeker Friendly Church Is Destroying The Body Of Christ .....

The Seeker Friendly Church Is Destroying The Body Of Christ 

We are not to bring the world into the church, we are transforming the church into the world!

In a day and time where being politically correct seems to be the norm, many modern day churches have become "Seeker Friendly", and this has started a trend among churches not only in the USA but all over the world. Seeker Friendly is a concept certain churches have adopted in order to attract the "unchurched" and the non-religious crowd that might find the worship of Jesus in the traditional sense offensive. 

Seeker Friendly churches seek to "tone" down "religious overtones" and also seek to conform to the non-churchgoers in order to attract them and their money to the church. Many churches that have adopted the "Seeker Friendly" philosophy have experienced a huge growth in numbers. So what's the problem you might ask?  There are several ways to answer that question. 

First of all Romans 12:2 says, "Do NOT conform to the patterns of this world" but seeker friendly churches seem to ignore that passage. The Ten Commandments have been removed from being posted in Public Schools, and now we are reaping what we have sown — kids shooting kids— and drugs flowing in our schools like running water. Similarly, now the seeker-friendly 'church' is removing or downplaying the cross from it's buildings because it might 'offend' a non-religious person, and now those so-called 'churches' have become country clubs instead of a House Of Worship.

The "seeker" or sinner-friendly church growth movement theology suggests that the Church needs to be conformed to the image of the world and change with the modern times to fit into society. However, the Apostle Paul writes that we are to be conformed to the image of Christ. In the Expositor's Study Bible, King James Version says in Romans 12:2, "And be not conformed to this world (the ways of the world): but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind (we must start thinking Spiritually, which refers to the fact that everything is furnished to us through the Cross, and is obtained by Faith and not works), that you may prove what is that good (is put to the test and finds that the thing tested meets the specifications laid down), and acceptable, and Perfect, Will of God (presents that which the Holy Spirit is attempting to bring about within our lives, and can only be obtained by ever making the Cross the Object of our Faith). 

Christ is offensive to the world, and Seeker Friendly churches are trying to make Him appealing. Decorate and disguise Christ and then you can reach "unchurched Harry and Mary" and draw people and their money into the Kingdom. Entertain people into repentance. 

Whatever happened to the scriptural commandment "come out from among them, be ye separate?" (II Corinthians 6:17). Christ was willing to become publicly humiliated (not decorated), scourged, disgraced, shamed, pulverized beyond recognition for us. 

The seeker-friendly movement seems to suggest that we have to apologize for the gospel in order not to offend anyone. 

The Church in Smyrna was one of only two churches in Revelation, which Christ commended and had NOTHING against. Why? Because they were faithful even to the point of death (Revelation 2:10). These saints were willing to be (and were) martyred. In these end times we see again saints who "loved their lives not unto death" (Revelation 12:11). In fact, even in the Twentieth Century there have been more saints martyred than since the foundation of the Church. 

Christ commends Christians for overcoming this world by the blood of the Lamb, not by some clever marketing plan developed by a 'business expert.' This whole theology is a reproach to Christ and the persecuted and martyred saints throughout the ages! 

And again, Hebrews 11:37-38 tells us that the destitute, persecuted and mistreated saints of this present world, the world was not worthy of them. Paul says earlier: "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek" (Romans 1:16)

Many Seeker Friendly churches have dismantled and toned down Praise and Worship and some youth and college age groups and classes within Seeker Friendly churches are playing secular music as opposed to music that worships God so that they can attract the 'unchurched.' While it may not be a sin to listen to certain secular songs, it is certainly wrong to play secular music in the House of God! When I come to church I want to hear songs about Jesus, and not songs that are secularized to the point of not singing about Jesus because it might make the unsaved feel uncomfortable.  

We are there to worship God and not to be entertained! Period! End of story!

The purpose of going to church is to worship the Lord God and Praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and not to tone things down so we can entertain the unchurched! True, we are not to exclude visitors and should always make them feel welcome, but we are not to compromise the praise and worship of our Lord through songs, music, the preaching of His Word, tithes, love offerings, and the invitations to accept Jesus as Savior all because it might offend someone who as the seeker friendly pastors put it, are 'unchurched!'

A visitor who does not know God or his kingdom should expect to encounter some mystery and a challenge to learn some things that he does not yet understand. He is, after all, a visitor in what should be a foreign land, the Kingdom of Heaven, unless the local church is just another expression of the surrounding earthly culture, promoting new age and political correctness. If this foreignness shocks him, that shock is a part of his education by the Holy Ghost (who alone converts hearts), and we really have no right to try to truncate that education, as long as we make every effort on a human level to make him welcome in God's house.

However, the guest is just that, a guest! He or she cannot expect to just waltz in and everybody succumb to his or her way of thinking.

Can you imagine a guest visiting a foreign Nation, and then complaining that things are not like they are back in his own nation? Can you imagine that guest demanding that the nation he is visiting change things to his own liking in order to make him feel comfortable? How would you like some Muslim guy from Afghanistan or Iran to come to America and demand that the women of the USA cover their faces and bodies up with those black clothes they are forced to wear in Islamic countries, because it offends him to see our women wearing makeup and running around uncovered? Why no one would put up with that for a minute! 

A society that conforms to such demands from a visitor, loses it's identity that made it what it was and worth visiting in the first place. Same thing when it comes to the Church! 



Few activities that people take in genuine seriousness are "seeker friendly." Can you even imagine for one moment a "Seeker Friendly" baseball game? Oh, there are such things as "Bat Day", "Glove Day" and "Ladies' Day," but the game and its rules as well as purposes remain the same. The visitor is not consulted about anything, except whether or not he would like a hotdog or a coke. He can buy a scorecard, and he may even find a friendly person to explain the way to fill it out. But the game will be played according to the rules of baseball whether the visitor likes it or not. The base runners travel counter-clockwise, and the shortstop probably isn't "short," and that's just one of the things that he will have to learn about to understand the proceedings, most likely at a later date and with the expenditure of some effort.

He will, if he desires to understand the game, have to learn a multitude of terms and rules that he has never known before. And no one thinks that because of this necessity he is being done a wrong, that he is being made unwelcome, or that baseball fans are not serious about the game.

If a group is serious about what they are doing then they will never apologize for being who they are or doing what they do.

I mean can you imagine a "Seeker Friendly" U.S. Marine Corps? Can you imagine the Marine Drill Instructor making changes to the language he uses and the way he instructs and gives orders in order to not offend someone who doesn't understand the Marine way of life? If you can, then you probably believe Miley Cyrus & Lady GaGa are good Christian role models for young children!

So many churches get desperate for growth and the money it brings. They look at their record of losing huge percentages of their memberships. They believe deep down that Christianity on its own is not getting the job done; so they think they better change it to appeal to the secular world. 

Obviously they are not placing their faith in God to accomplish growth! 

This movement resorts to mechanics. They tiptoe through the evangelistic gardens, hoping that above all things, they do not possibly, maybe, or even potentially come close to offending some person. That is the first commandment of the Seeker-Friendly movement: Thou shalt not step on anyone's toes. 

So they water-down many aspects of Christianity, until it becomes a diluted gospel. 

Christianity does have tough aspects, so they feel these must be disguised or avoided completely. Or there are some, who would not consciously admit it, but they might feel deep down that they haven't seen the gospel convert enough people. In their minds, the Holy Spirit only works, if the audience is permitted to set the terms. So Christianity in our times, in many ways, is in the process of being conformed to the world and to our culture of success and instant gratification.

Seeker Friendly-Purpose Driven-Emergent Churches ignore and defy the Word of God because it is written in James 4:4 that friendship with the world makes one an enemy of God. You don't get any plainer than that.

Seeker Sensitive 'pastors' are nothing more than motivational speakers who are too cowardly to preach the truth of God's word.

If we take Jesus as our role model (That's what all Christians say they want to do) and ask, of our role model: When Jesus was spreading the gospel Himself on the earth, did He shape the gospel to meet the wants, the biases, the expectations, or wishes of the huge throngs of the people or base God's word on popular opinion? Was that His method of operation? Or are Seeker Friendly pastors and others not in line with His work and God's Word? If we turn to the Scriptures for answers, this approach keeps the question from being one about "style" and makes it one of faithfulness.

After all, when Christ calls us to follow Him, He calls us to take up our cross and follow Him. The seeker-sensitive movement has no place for the cross, only comfort, entertainment, and ease. They are more interested in unity than the truth of Gods word.

That, fortunately, is not what Jesus taught. Jesus was more concerned about our eternal destiny, than He was our temporary self-esteem. He didn't mind if people were  convicted of sin, if it brought them to their knees and led to their conversion. He was far more interested in doing things the way God wanted them done, than in satisfying the cravings of the sinful flesh. And in all decisions, we should be more interested in pleasing God than in winning the favor of the masses.

Let us get back to the basics and that is about pleasing God and not man. Seeker Friendly churches do not seek to please God; they are seeking to please man. They are wrong. We are not to bring the world into the church but the church into the world! If your church is Seeker Friendly, get out of it! 

Seeker friendly is SATAN FRIENDLY or SIN FRIENDLY! They are a cancer on the Body Of Christ.


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