Monday, August 31, 2015

Under The Surface, Things Are Notably 'Broken'.........History teaches us this isn’t over. It’s only just begun!

Under The Surface, Things Are Notably 'Broken'

With corporate profits falling, margin debt at all-time highs, the Fed preparing to raise rates, China's fake economic system imploding, currency wars breaking out across the globe, emerging markets in turmoil, oil dependent countries in the Middle East seeing budgets go deeply in the red, Greece and the other insolvent southern European countries nearing collapse and tensions rising between Russia, Europe and the U.S., there is plenty to fear in this central banker created debt bubble world.

History teaches us this isn't over. It's only just begun! 

The bubblevision assertions that the worst is behind us is false. They will insist all is well until you've lost half your net worth. When fear overtakes greed, neither monetary easing, propaganda, nor acts of desperation by politicians, government bureaucrats, or central bankers will turn the tide.

While we have all seen how equity markets had decoupled from the 'reality' occurring in commodities, FX, and credit markets (as well as macro fundamentals), trading desks are anxiously eying the following 'decoupling' as this week's "pair trade."

VIX Inverse ETF signals all is not well..........Under the surface, things are notably 'broken'.

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