Thursday, September 17, 2015

Comments On The Republican Presidential Debate..........We are really in deep, deep trouble folks!

Comments On The Republican Presidential Debate

Sent to me by readers of my emails, obviously some people get it! We are really in deep, deep trouble folks!

What a bunch of inane bullshit this all is.

Politics is a cesspool...

I once believed America always seemed to have the right people at the right time,,,,but I'm skeptical at this point.

Couldn't say who won the debate. Can tell you who lost.... The American people. Dems won't fare any better. The DNC debates will be like Theatre of the Absurd.

Is this the best a country of 320,000,000 has to offer. I weep for the future.

It was set up to play getcha with Trump and bolster Bush.  They spoke too much and it was the same old rhetoric, no solutions.  They are fighting for the scraps that will be left of our country and make me sick.

When we let them dumb down our language, they win.

Fiorina? Who wants a POTUS that when leading both AT&T and HP, lost over 50% of their stockholder's investment?

Fiorina destroyed HP, ask any engineer or HP employee that worked at HP before she got there and after. The compaq buy out was another desaster, pretty much every major decision she made was a disaster.

I work with a 'laid off' HP Engineer who was let go when she took power at HP.  He turns red with anger every time her name comes up.   She destroyed that company.  And, now running for President.  Go figure.

Seems our future has come and gone.

I don't see any threat to Trump.

Outside of Trump, a lot of people seem to grasp the strangle hold of the one party kleptocrat system. He offers one of the only real chances for real change.

"Remember, your vote counts."  I had a good laugh at this statement. Surely it was in jest.

Jeb on why it was a good idea to go into Iraq and Afghan..."People wanted retaliation"...vengeance as a strategy usually fails badly...

it's the WAR PROFITS...  if bombs were free there would be no war.

This was repulsive, nauseating, almost unbearable, just think what a Dim debate will be like.

Did you catch Jeb saying the 'terror war' was "going to be protracted"...lot's and lots more war!

Didn't watch a minute of it. Did anyone mention that we need to end The Fed in order to be a free country again and that everything else is just a distraction from the powers that be robbing us blind and enslaving us? Didn't think so.

What to do about Social Security going bankrupt??   EVERY THING IS BANKRUPT ALREADY and they can't just print another 8 trillion for Social Security?

Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean that they're not out to get you.

You know the point in a Barnum and Bailey circus where all three rings have clowns, elephants, horses, lions and trapeze artists, everything happening at the same time and you don't know where to look? That's politics.............

The scariest part for me is I think some of those people actually believe what they say.

I don't see any threat to Trump.


What this debate needed was a handful of nailguns.  

The financial meltdown and war will force them to postpone the election. We'll be stuck with the Kenyan guy or the Junta until 'stability is re-established'.

I'm beginning to think the Kenyan guy will give over our sovereignty to the UN then become the head of the UN in 2017.

I originally supported Carly...but then I heard she was the CEO of two companies that both went belly 
up...but after hearing her explain that it wasn't her fault...that it was the fault of evil, hostile, Clinton supporters, men on the boards of those companies..well now, I'm backing Carly again....I just hope there are no hostile, opposing, groups of men in DC...

We need more war because, at some point, when we've killed enough "terrorists", everyone else will embrace "Freedom and Democracy"...hang in there, maybe another 10 or 20 years and we'll get there!

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