Thursday, September 10, 2015

The “Defining Moment” For America And Humanity Has Arrived.......

The "Defining Moment" For America And Humanity Has Arrived

A world drowning in debt and dangling on the edge of economic catastrophe—seem unmistakable now.

Last week, a CNBS reporter asked Chairman Greenspan about the effect of rising interest rates on world markets. 

His answer was right on the money for a change:

"Central banks and monetary policy are not the problem. Fiscal irresponsibility is the problem," Greenspan said.

"Debt, deficits and entitlement programs are all coming to a head in a few months, all over the world."

Take a moment and allow the Chairman's words to sink in:

"Debt, deficits and entitlement programs are all coming to a head in a few months, all over the world."

Just a few weeks from today, EIGHT of the most powerful cycles in the economic universe will converge for the first time since 1929. By doing so, they will mark the end of the era in which governments could pile up unlimited amounts of debt with impunity. And they will mark the beginning of a terrifying new era in which mankind will pay the price for those debts.

While harbingers of the apocalypse have been gathering for decades, most of the world has been largely oblivious to the gathering tempest and the warnings. As the world undergoes a remarkably ominous transformation.

Today, the world is facing moral and social chaos, spiritual deception, proliferation of the occult, a spate of historic natural disasters, worsening worldwide drought, record-breaking extreme weather and the growing risk of a nuclear conflagration. The "defining moment" for America and humanity has arrived.

As a nation we have arrogantly turned our back on God, and God's judgment is coming against our country.

We are now witnessing what appears to be a perfect prophetic storm. America has been progressing down a course of apostasy and judgment. 
With the striking down of the biblical definition of marriage, the very order of God, we have a crossed a fateful line. 

The world is now experiencing an unparalleled acceleration and convergence in end-time signs. The world is in the run-up to the end-time events predicted by the biblical prophets. There is little question now that "this is the terminal generation.

Everyone senses something is very wrong, anyone who's got their ear in Scripture and is listening to the Spirit of God knows that something great, something cataclysmic, something strategic, is going to happen in the world very soon. People are talking about it everywhere that something big is about to happen, that we can't go on the way we're going.

41 percent of Americans believe events such as the rebirth of the nation of Israel, the growing threat of war in the Middle East, widespread national disasters and the serious threat of a global economic depression are evidence that "we are living in what the Bible calls the last days."

Polls show the highest percentage of both Christians and the general public who recognize we may well be living in the very times our Lord and His prophets warned would exist just prior to the end times.

Today, many sense "something is coming." 

Only three times in the past 500 years have four blood moons occurred back to back and on major Jewish holy days. Each time marked a significant event in Jewish history. In 1493, the Jews had been expelled from Spain, and Columbus had discovered the New World—a sanctuary for Jewish people. In 1948-49, the modern state of Israel was founded. In 1967-68, the Six-Day War was followed by the reunification of Jerusalem to Israel. The fourth tetrad began April 15, 2014, on Passover. In October last year, the second blood moon appeared on the Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot. Blood moons this year land on the same holy days, including the final one this September.

What's occurring now has only occurred three times in the past 500 years, and each occurrence brought tragedy and triumph for the Jewish people.

At the same time, financial experts are expressing concerns that unprecedented levels of worldwide debt and economic turmoil roiling Europe, Asia and other parts of the globe could lead to economic catastrophe.

A "great shaking" is coming.

The "Super Shemitah"—the Year of Jubilee that comes at the end of seven cycles of the seven-year Shemitah, the Hebrew word for the "release" of debts detailed in Deut. 15:1-3—begins on Yom Kippur, or September 23, and runs through September 2016. A great shaking is going to come to this land and to the world that will involve the collapsing of the American economy, the financial realm and the removal of blessing and prosperity.

The hour is late.

The biggest threat facing America involves the nation's historic levels of debt. The nation's total debts, including unfunded liabilities, is not the $17 trillion politicians often cite, but rather $210 trillion—a figure "larger than the estimates of the total wealth of planet Earth.

It doesn't take great scholarship to realize that's unstable, it can't endure, and those debts will never be repaid by any legitimate currency. So there is an implosion or collapse of some kind that is inevitable. The financial system is in a "big bubble" that is "going to burst."

It will have a terrible impact. Americans are able to live beyond their means because of the overvalued dollar. When the dollar collapses, Americans will no longer have that luxury. Our standard of living will be greatly reduced.

Meanwhile, geopolitical experts are sounding the alarm that secret trade pacts, laws undermining American sovereignty and upcoming United Nations summits on "sustainable development" and climate change are just a ruse to create what is, in effect, a world state. Critics have described the U.N. plans as a "blueprint for governing the entire planet."

At the same time, world leaders are calling for a "world political authority" to address climate change, global poverty and other crises. A kind of super-U.N. to deal with the world's economic problems and injustices.

It feels like pages are being ripped out of the book of Revelation. Things are shifting dramatically around the world. 
Once you remove God, you are on the path to Marxism, and this is an end-time strategy of the enemy.

The concerns about globalism and the push for "global governance"—a term that is merely a "sugar-coated" euphemism for a "world government"—come as people are being conditioned to believe that the answer to humanity's problems is to have a "one world" society with a global government, cashless society and universal religion. A clear attempt to create a global political and economic system with a "single global authority" is now underway. This is neo-Nimrodianism—you know the global governance effort. It's a type of substitute religion—global governance.

In recent years, prophecy experts have expressed growing alarm at this trend—asking whether the end-time geopolitical, economic and religious system known as "Mystery, Babylon" and "Babylon the Great" in Revelation 17-18 is rising. As examples, they note the New York skyscraper that replaced the Twin Towers destroyed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks is now called the One World Trade Center, and the European Parliament building in Strasbourg, France, was inspired in part by the Tower of Babel—the center of the first world government ruled by Nimrod, an archetype of the Antichrist. The EU employs the Tower of Babel as a symbol of unity and several EU buildings feature paintings and statues of a woman riding the beast—an image from Revelation 17-18.

Never before since the Tower of Babel have we seen the emergence of what (former Secretary of State) Henry Kissinger called 'The New International Order,' the rise of global governance or global government and the plan to unify all the world's religions into a one world religion. In addition, the nation of Israel, miraculously restored as a nation in 1948, is at the center of this push towards globalization as the world community increasingly unites in its attempt to make Jerusalem an international city.

Globalization is setting up the world for the "last world dictator—the Antichrist—to control the economy, control people and control the world. It's the next big thing. There is no question that there is now the potential of a world government—the New World Order, the kingdom of the Antichrist. Recent events clearly point to this reality.

In his interpretation of Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar's dream, the biblical prophet Daniel predicted four great empires would arise in history followed by a final one.

The Revived Roman Empire is arising now as Daniel predicted. It is the final beast and it represents the European Union, and the United States integrated into a trans-Atlantic union, and very possibly, the unification economically of 10 regional global governments called unions around the world.

The Four Horsemen Are Riding. There are "more fulfilled biblical last days" prophecies converging now than ever before.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are out of the barn. They are riding our way hard and fast. I believe with all my heart as well as all the spiritual and Bible knowledge that the Holy Spirit has imparted to me, that this is the 'beginning of sorrows.' I believe we are moving full-blast into the end. America is never going to be the same. The world is not going to be the same. God will not be mocked!

As the world watches these events unfold, remember that Jesus encouraged His followers to not let "your heart be troubled" because "I will come again and receive you to Myself that where I am, there you may be also." 

                                                                                                                                                            John 14:1-3    

Obviously, those who know Him as their Savior and Lord need not worry or be troubled, for we are waiting for His soon call to heaven. We are very close to the Rapture of the church and the tribulation to follow.

No Jesus, No Peace! 

Know Jesus, Know Eternal Peace!

May God Bless And Keep Each Of You!

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