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Deception In These Last Days..........

Deception In These Last Days

In these last days of the church age the power of the Holy Spirit has been watered down and grieved by semi-committed Christians who no longer care as much about the impact of their spiritual walk on an unbelieving world. The Christian faction is quickly becoming a minority.

Things have changed SO MUCH in the last 40 years, satan is unleashing a whole new wave of evil to anesthetize and deceive the nations.

Here are a few deceptions that the enemy wants the world to believe: 

1 The Bible is Not the Infallible Word of God 

This is the most brilliant of all deceptions. It is powerful among many belief structures now. If a person does not believe that the Bible is infallible, then they cannot believe enough to ever be convicted of their sins and thus be saved. 

2 Jesus Was A Good Man But Not Really the Son of God 

The trap of the cults of today is that many will suggest Jesus was a great teacher and a notable scholar but no better or greater than many other deities man has invented to be a god. They are smart enough to let Jesus be listed as a respectable character in the list of invented gods, which reels in the ungrounded individual who only has a head belief in Jesus. They may have had some mild, positive exposure to the name in their upbringing but no real awareness that He is the living Christ.

3 Hell is Not Real and a Loving God Would Never Send a Person There 

The world chooses to only see the loving side of God, which is true, which is real, and beyond our comprehension. However, He is also a Holy God. He is without sin or any imperfection and this is what has separated man from God because of Adam and Eve's choice in the garden of Eden. He IS so loving, He was already making provision even before the world began so not one individual would not have to see hell, which was originally for the devil and all the fallen angels. So it may be better stated, people send themselves to hell because they refuse to believe.

4 I'm Saved, I'm in Church, But a Little Fornication and Doing Drugs, etc. Will Be Overlooked Because My Sins Are Forgiven

That one blows my mind. The Bible indicates that true sons of God are chastised for deliberate sin or even taken home to heaven prematurely if they don't turn away. I Corinthians 6:19 an 20 reminds us that salvation is paid for by a great price of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection. An ongoing awareness of the cost of this redemption should sober us and cause us to want to live righteous lives if we are truly in Him and seeking His purpose for our lives. Any other attempts to compromise holy living is a genuine deception.

5 Tithing is Just for the Old Testament Believers 

Malachi 3:6 says "For I am the Lord, I change not..." This commandment was meant to be a joyful surrender of everything we are to the Lord, including our finances. He does not need our money, but He does want our hearts. He will, in fact, "rebuke the devourer for your sakes"...with obedience.

6 Christians Don't Have to Go to Church 

This is one of the most powerful in the realm of believers in these the Last Days. I have never seen so many excuses to stay home and miss out on the blessing of God. Listen, it is simple enough to be saved- even a child can understand. But the Christ walk is not for the weak and there will always be obstacles to being disciplined in love and obedience for the Lord.

7 Jesus Is Not Coming Any Time Soon 

 " what hour ye think not, then will the Son of Man come..." I remember a story about an evangelist who came to town and was talking about a preacher's meeting he had been to recently. He went around the room and asked individuals if they thought Jesus was coming again soon. The answers started out..."I don't know, but I don't think so. Probably not today." The next person,"Well, no. I don't think so..." Then, finally..."I think NOT..." just like Christ warned in the Scriptures.


I have never seen so much contention in all my life. Jesus never lived in a state of unwholesome contention. I'm not talking about what happened with the money changers. That needed to be dealt with. I'm talking about walking in the love of the Lord instead of all this slandering and fighting going on just because somebody has to be in charge or contentious.

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