Monday, November 16, 2015

It’s The Middle Ages Again Folks........

It's The Middle Ages Again Folks

What happened in Paris originated with the Saudi Arabian royal family and their brand of harsh radical backward Islam. Their return to the Dark Ages was funded with petrodollars. They've been kept in power by allowing their fundamentalist clerics free range and the money earned from Big Oil has given these cleric/fascists the ability to spread their Islamist poison worldwide. ISIS is their bastard child.

What happened in Paris is going to keep happening all over the world!

It's time to tell the truth about the Saudi-dominated Islamic world. Arab civilization is in ruins. It is a threat to civilization.

A few more attacks like the one in Paris — and a few more million refugees pouring into Europe and the whole thing will go up in flames.

It turns out that "democracy" isn't magic. There was no "Arab Spring."

And anyone who thinks we are in a new world where Twitter, Google and YouTube are going to somehow magically connect humanity in a "new way" that makes things better is deluded. So far the only people using this new tech effectively are the ISIS recruiters.

It's the Middle Ages again folks, not the "21st Century.'

Until someone figures out what to "do" about the Saudi fundamentalist Islam that's dominating failed states and failed societies — all bets are off.  

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