Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Fed..........A VERY PESKY FACT!

The Fed

"Absent the performance on FOMC days, the stock market has gone nowhere in 17 years. If you're a believer in capitalism and free markets, you sit back and think about that statistic for a moment and ask yourself - 'have I really made any money without The Fed?'"

In the long-run this is unsustainable as while The Fed has consistently forecast, promised, guaranteed that economic green shoots are showing up, they have been horribly wrong... and with December's meeting looming, their credibility is running on fumes.

We have transitioned from free markets to centrally-planned and financially-engineered markets as the PhDs attempt to control the greatest monetary experiment ever undertaken. But they are almost out of runway... and they know it as mainstream market participants belief in their omniscience is rapidly fading.

As the market transitions from the manipulated markets to the loss of trust and faith that is coming - "god help us all."

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