Friday, November 27, 2015


The United States was meant to be a Republic, not a Democracy  

A democracy runs on majority opinion. In other words, a majority can vote to impose its rule on the minority. A republic contains protections of individual and minority rights, so that no matter who is in power, these basic rights can never be infringed.

Aside from the above technical definitions, in a broader sense people use "democracy" " to mean a system where the common people have a fair say in public affairs. Representation! Voting! Even if it means voting for your particular choice for dictator. All this is pure unadulterated bovine excrement.

Do you vote for endless wars?

Do you vote for ever increasing taxes so other people can have free stuff?

Do you vote to have your privacy violated at every turn in this surveillance state?

Do you vote to have your local police militarized?

Do you vote for the dumbing down of your children, aka Common Core?

Do you vote to have your speech restricted to "free speech zones"?

Do you vote for 100,000 Syrian Muslims to invade immigrate to your neighborhood?

You get the picture, Your voice means absolutely nothing.

They don't care about you and your trifling needs or wants. Complain too much and they'll put you on a terrorist watch list. NO ONE IS LISTENING TO YOU. The US has been deliberately turned from a constitutional republic into a corporate democracy, and unless there's a full blown revolution there isn't a damned thing you can do about it.


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