Sunday, December 6, 2015


"Terrorist" With Machete In London Subway Slashes Man's Throat Screaming "This Is For Syria"

Less than a week after the San Bernardino shooting, the ghost of ISIS terrorism has finally landed in London, where moments ago news broke that a man wielding a machete screamed "this is for Syria" before slashing a person's throat at London's Leytonstone subway station, and attacking up to three people.

Jordanian Man Screaming He "Wants To Join Allah" Tries To Open Lufthansa Airplane Cabin Door In Mid Flight

A Lufthansa crew and passengers overpowered a Jordanian man with a US passport, who tried to open the cabin door on a Frankfurt-Belgrade flight on Sunday, while screaming that he wished to join Allah along with all the passengers.

The man was promptly overpowered by crew and passengers with the German carrier insisting the safety of the plane had not been threatened. The airplane proceeded to land safely at 12:45pm local time.

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