Wednesday, February 17, 2016



Zero-bound money printing has undermined Western solvency.

Citicorp recently released a report warning that four global economic forces were creating a "death spiral." 

These are: a strong dollar, weakening oil prices, diminishing trade and struggling emerging markets.

Each one reinforces the others and creates a further weakening. However, it is important to note that the depreciating price for oil, in particular, is a manufactured phenomenon, one that has been created in part to put economic pressure on Russia.

The forces now being arrayed on the world stage repeat a familiar pattern that we last saw early in the 20th century. Then, the establishment of the US Federal Reserve led first to the "Roaring '20s" and finally to a tremendous market crash and the Great Depression.

The Great Depression could have been cured if Roosevelt's "New Deal" had not distorted the economy and prolonged the underlying mechanisms of the Great Depression.

Likewise, today, central bank money printing has not allowed bankrupt facilities to collapse. As a result, healthier entities have been reluctant to do business and the larger economy has stalled. The Greater Recession has continued and deepened.

Collectively central banks have printed something like US $250 trillion since 2008, and those in charge of this policy are well aware of its destructive effects.

And as happened during the Great Depression, military tensions are being cultivated to distract people from the on going economic disintegration.

To reach a political solution in Syria, Turkey and Saudi Arabia must be eliminated, because these two countries, right now, are preventing any solution in Syria.

This perception indicates that the war in Syria, far from being over, is going to expand and escalate. Inevitably, both the US and Russia will be drawn further into conflict.

Is all of this taking place merely by happenstance? 

The short answer is very obviously "no." The surge in militarism in the West and among Western allies is certainly tied to the continued and expanded Western economic crisis.

And the economic crisis has been created by the West's determination to build its economic and industrial might around a framework of monopoly central banking. 

The West and the world are not simply going to return to previous eras of peace and prosperity.

How bad are things going to get? 

If the example of the 20th century is any guide, we could see a continual deepening of militarism and economic dysfunction. With this in mind, one ought to be taking action now. There is no time to waste.

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